Sally Hall is no stranger to the battle with Self Talk. With a heart to be a mother, for years she begged the Lord for a child, yet the Lord had other plans for Sally. Instead, God worked through her surrendered life as a spiritual mother, influencing the lives of thousands of women.  Sally has a passion for Christ and is compelled by a deep drive to teach others how to know and grow in truth for themselves as well.

She founded the ministry Truth for Women, which at the time networked with hundreds of churches in the Lehigh Valley, PA and promoted and hosted weekly Bible studies, as well as conferences, where thousands would discover, “What does this whole Christian thing look like?” “How do I approach the Bible?”

Another role that Sally held in full-time ministry was to develop and implement a high impact volunteer program within a non-profit organization.  Hundreds of volunteer leaders and teams were trained, coached and mobilized to impact their communities by helping people discover God’s Word for themselves. As such, families, children, and communities would be forever impacted by Jesus.

As a writer of Bible studies and a speaker at numerous retreats, seminars, and conferences, Sally’s heart aches for the people to know truth and experience the joy of discovery.  Because she knows what it’s like to have a messed-up life and no idea how to make things better, she wants others to understand the Bible is our manual for life that’s meant to be explored, enjoyed, and treasured.

Married since 1976, Sally and Tom still enjoy beautiful drives through the mountains of Tennessee in the 1957 Chevrolet Belair in which Tom first told Sally that he loved her. Like Tom, those who know Sally as a friend or spiritual mother would tell you that she is gracious, wise, thoughtful, fiercely loyal, deeply loving, and a whole, whole lot of fun!