Shall we dance?

Shall we dance?

I love a good chic flick and the more romantic the better.  Recently, I watched "Shall We Dance."  Early in the movie the wife said to the husband:  "Come dance with me."  The husband's response was:  "But I don't know how to dance".

Then, it hit me!  That's it...I don't know how to dance.  All my life - every time I go out on the dance floor to slow dance, I am frustrated.  I feel foolish, tense, unable to relax and enjoy.  Why?  Well, he's supposed to lead and I'm supposed to follow, but how can I follow if I don't know where he's going?  How can my foot follow his if I don't know which direction it's going in?  Help!  I need to learn some basic dance steps.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like this in my faith walk with God.  I want to dance with God but instead, I feel foolish, tense, unable to relax and enjoy.  I just need to learn some basic dance steps!  I just need a few lessons (a/k/a Bible studies)!

At the end of the "Shall We Dance", the husband goes to his wife's work and she sees him riding up the escalator with a red rose in hand.  He reaches out to her and says "Shall We Dance."  Perfect chic flick ending!  Truth is though - one day Jesus is coming for me and I will dance through all of eternity with Him and in His presence.  But wait, with a few more dance lessons, I can dance through this life with Jesus.  I don't have to wait until eternity.  Shall we dance?

Dance with me Jesus

Play hide and seek with me Jesus

Walk with me, Jesus

Dream with me Jesus

Talk to me Jesus

Be mine Jesus

Dance with me Jesus

Look for me, Jesus

Find me, Jesus

Put the glass slipper on my foot Jesus

I love pretty shoes, Jesus

Love me, Jesus

Dance with me Jesus

Come for me on your white horse Jesus

Fight for me Jesus

Rescue me Jesus

Be enthralled with my beauty Jesus

Dip me, twirl me, spin me Jesus

Thrill me, lead me, guide me Jesus

Teach me how to dance Jesus

Teach me how to

Seek you

So I can find You

Walk with You

Talk with You

Dream Your dreams

Stare at Your stars

Marvel that you know each one by name

Hear You say “You are Mine!”

Teach me to dance this life with you Jesus

To know your eye is always upon me

To experience your presence with each breath I take

To recognize You’ve come for me Jesus!

Glass slipper, royal robe, crown and white horse

Jesus my prince - come to rescue me!

I am enthralled with your beauty Jesus

Thank you for teaching me to dance with you Jesus

Let’s dip and twirl and spin Jesus

Thrill me, lead me, guide me….

I’ll follow you anywhere Jesus

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