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If you are wondering how to make it in this crazy world, Self-Talk is for you. With media clips, personal illustrations and simple Biblical truths, Sally will lead you step-by-step toward an understanding of why you struggle with your relationship to yourself, the world, and God. You will learn where to look for answers to questions you've never dared to ask; and in the process, you will discover insights that will bring sanity to your life.  Read more...

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“I have the privilege of working with many authors and have a voracious appetite for reading in general but this can sometimes leave me with a supercritical spirit! I was so pleasantly surprised and excited when I read Self-Talk. It hit the “nail on the head” with its insight and understanding. Sally Hall has done a wonderful job of laying out strong truths about how we should view ourselves and where we often go wrong. I found myself almost giggling out loud at some of her examples and then feeling deeply convicted at the next. In the end, I was left with one permeating thought: “I wish I had read this when I was in my 20’s!” This is a must-read for all of us because no one totally escapes the negative self-talk that is so easy to listen to in today’s world.”
— Sandy Ellingson

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