Oh, that we would be the silent majority

Oh, that we would be the silent majority


This is not a political statement. In fact, this blog post has nothing at all to do with politics. This post is about living out my faith and belief in Christ.

So, what do I mean by "silent majority?"  In my research (1), I found that the silent majority is defined as "an unspecified large group of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly."

Let's focus in on the phrase "do not express their opinions publicly."  Now, let's zoom in on one word "opinions."  Exactly what is an "opinion"?  An opinion is a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.  Hmm... "not necessarily based on fact or knowledge."

Oh, that we would be the silent majority when it comes to sharing opinions.

Please do not hear me say that I (or you) should never share our faith or speak the truth.  No, I am not saying that at all.  What I am saying is that as a follower of Christ, I would keep my "opinions" to my self.  That when it comes to sharing my "opinions", or when it comes to you as a follower of Christ sharing your "opinions", let's just remain silent. 

It's an old school saying but boy, oh boy is it true. Actions speak louder than words. Oh, that we would be a silent majority whose actions (our good and godly works or deeds) speak louder than our words.  But even our good works must be done with and from a right heart. Jen Wilkins, in her book "In His Image", explains this point well and this way:

"If we focus on our actions without addressing our hearts, we may end up merely as better behaved lovers of self... What good is it for me to choose the right job if I'm still consumed with selfishness?  What good is it for me to choose the right home or spouse if I'm still eaten up with covetousness?  What does it profit me to make the right choice if I'm still the wrong person?  A lost person can make "good choices." But only a person indwelt with the Holy Spirit can make a good choice for the purpose of glorifying God... The hope of the gospel in our sanctification is not simply that we would make better choices, but that we would become better people."

Ouch.  this truth pricks my heart and reminds me of what Jesus said In Matthew 5:16.  "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

I say to myself...Standing on a hill with a megaphone sharing my "opinions" about any and everything is not the way to go. I am reminded that our lives should be a megaphone of God's glory. We are to be light to show others the way to God. How?  Show others our changed selves! Let others see our good works.  Good works that only followers of Christ are able to show because only followers of Christ have the Holy Spirit of God within that changes hearts and enables them to do things like forgive, be kind, patient, loving, gentle, etc. when faced with all kinds of wrongs, injustices, harmful and hurtful situations.  Goodness...this is the change and are the good works people need to see. This kind of behavior speaks loud and clear.

We've all heard it said, "show me, don't tell me." My heart wants and waits for opportunities to share the truth that has pierced my own heart. I long for others to know the same truths I've discovered.  But so often, I'm sure I must sound like a megaphone on a hill blasting yet another opinion. Blasting my opinions, or speaking without showing love for those I am speaking to or honestly showing how my own heart and behavior has been changed just makes me sound like is a clanging gong...a loudspeaker of noise (opinions).  Why?  Because when I do this it shows that my behavior and actions don't match my words.

Surely actions born out of a Spirit-filled and changed life speak louder than any words could. A light showing a lost and dark world a better way.  The only way. That's what I mean by being part of a silent majority. A community (the Church) whose good works speak louder than our opinions and glorifies God.  

God's wonderful Word contains a beautiful picture of what this kind of community looks like and when they do speak what they say.  Using these Scriptures, I've recorded a description which I've included in my book "Self-Talk." I'd so love to share it with you. No, I'm not trying to sell you a book.  In fact, you can listen to the recording by clicking on the image below or simply going to http://sallyhhall.com/resources.  Scroll down the page until you see the "Self-Talk Audio" and listen.

Oh please listen and imagine.  Get and keep this picture in your mind and heart.

This kind of community is only silent about their opinions.  Truly, their actions speak louder than words. And the words when spoken are His Words spoken out of a changed heart and in love as prompted by the Holy Spirit, glorifying God.  This community as described in the pages of God's Word shows and thus tells us what being a light of the world and that city on a hill that Jesus spoke about looks like. 

Don't you want to be like this and be a part of a community like this? It starts with me and it starts with you and oh how we need each other. Together, may we show and thus tell people the value of knowing and following Jesus by our Spirit-filled and changed lives.

Bless you.


(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_majority

What's love got to do with it?

What's love got to do with it?