Consult the map!

Consult the map!


These last few years, we’ve taken lots of fun road trips visiting family and friends. We never start on a trip without first mapping it. Especially if we are traveling in our Motorhome. Sometimes we decide ahead of time where we will stop for the night and even go so far as to make hotel reservations or call the Walmart to ensure we can park the Motorhome overnight. We’ll even map where the best places are along our route to stop for gas or do some sightseeing. It takes a little extra time and planning, but we’ve learned this extra time and planning makes for a smoother and less drama-filled trip!

Sure, sometimes things come up along the way and we need to make course corrections. So, what do we do? We take the time to map a new course. We also have this awesome APP we use called WAZE that helps us stay out of traffic problems by rerouting us. It also alerts us of potholes, cars parked on the side of the road, as well as where police might be ready to catch those speeding. The navigation on the Motorhome even keeps us off roads where bridges, overhangs, and trees might be too low for us to travel under or roads that might be too narrow. Awesome trip tools!

Sure, we have troubles along the way. But it’s amazing all that’s available to us and how using all these tools and resources make our travels easier, safer, and thus more enjoyable.

So where am I going with all of this?

Unless we are people who have no schedule or a particular place to be, I can’t imagine any of us would start on a road trip with less than accurate directions. Or worse, no directions at all. No map—nothing. I suppose we could rely on what we remember about geography to get us there and then stop along the way to ask locals for their directions. Of course, since we are all connected via the internet all the time, we could shout out to our friends on social media asking for help and direction. But what happens when we get a variety of different opinions and directions? In the end, after gathering all the feedback, it will be up to us to determine what feels right and best and which direction to take. We just have to go with our gut. Right?

Uh…Probably not the best way to plan or take a road trip. So, why would choose to guess and go with our gut options when so many mapping tools and resources are so readily available?

Come on now, you know this preaches!

I’ve been on this road trip called life for a while now and I can tell you that consulting with myself and with others to determine what is true about life and the directions I should take has made for some extremely bumpy rides. You see, I discovered that what I determined was truth often changed. Talk about drama and course corrections!

What I realized is that if truth can change then it’s no truth at all. I’m not okay with that. Are you? Just okay is not okay. Okay? Don’t you want to know that you know that something you believe is absolute truth and not something you just believed because it felt or sounded right or was your best option at the moment?

God’s Word is absolute truth. Y’all, it’s our map for this road trip called life. When it comes to alerting us of dangers ahead and what to do, it makes WAZE look antiquated! Just like you have to learn to read a road map, you have to learn how to read and study God’s Word. Just like it take time to map out a road trip, it takes time God’s Word to not only determine the direction we should be going but how to get there and stay on that road or make whatever course corrections are needed. But if investing this time ensures we get where we need to go, isn’t it worth the effort?

Okay, so maybe you don’t believe God’s Word is absolute truth. I get it you need to trust the “map” is accurate. But, if what you believe keeps changing or if consulting with yourself (and your friends) doesn’t’ seem to be working, or if you find yourself going in circles never arriving at your intended destination…Can I encourage you to do three things

  1. Write down any opinions, questions, hesitations or reservations you have about God’s Word being absolute truth.

  2. Commit to reading the book of John. Here’s an easy reading version.

  3. Before you start reading and as you read, ask God to show you if your opinions about His Word need to change. Ask Him to answer and address your questions, hesitations, and reservations about His Word being absolute truth.

If you accept my emcouragement, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You can connect me here.

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